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Friday November 6th, 2020

New Covid19 Arrangements

Following the security protocol for the COVID-19, at this time already implemented by the hotel Alli Due Buoi Rossi following the WHO guidelines of March 31, 2020 and the Protocol for “safe reception” of Federalberghi of April 27, 2020, we report below a summary of the behaviors to be followed and the procedures adopted to implement the COVID-19 security.

Guidelines for responsible behavior

  • People should maintain regular hand hygiene by washing their hands with soap and water or using the disinfectant gel dispensed by the dispensers on the floors, in the common areas, and at the entrance of the meeting rooms, bar, breakfast room and restaurant.
  • It is mandatory to maintain an interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter, and to adopt behaviors of social distancing.
  • It is mandatory to use the mask in common areas, avoiding to touch eyes, nose, mouth.
  • People who at the time of check-in have symptoms of respiratory diseases, such as cough, rhinorrhoea, colds, may not be accepted in the facility and should not undertake any travel from their place of origin. At the entrance of the Hotel, body temperature will be measured using an infrared thermometer. If greater than 37.5° may be denied access to the facility.
  • In the case of guests already in the hotel, we recommend coughing or sneezing in the hollow of the elbow in order not to contaminate their hands, and ensure the safety of other guests.


Security protocol CODIV-19

During Check-in: At the Reception desk, staff will wear masks to cover both the nose and mouth. In the same way, Guests must also wear the mask. Front desk staff and Guests will be separated by a transparent screen to minimize the risk of transmission of COVID-19. It will be allowed to stop in the lobby and at the desk only for check-in and check-out operations, to avoid crowding. It is possible that arriving Guests will be detected body temperature and prevented from accessing the facility if it is higher than 37.5°.

Common spaces: Reception staff will take care to regularly clean all frequently used items such as POS, counter or pens, and to wash or disinfect hands whenever money or credit card is passed from one hand to the other. Air conditioning filters will be regularly monitored and disinfected to ensure effective purification. Air recirculation will always be deactivated to ensure that no contaminated air is introduced.
It is mandatory to use the mask when more than one person is present in the elevator, except for households. The elevator control panel will be sanitized several times a day, and after rush hours.
In the meeting rooms, fresh air will be activated at least one hour before guests’ access and left active at least one hour later. Air recirculation will always be deactivated to ensure that the air supply is always clean. Grilles and ventilation inlets will be sanitized more frequently.

Inside the rooms: the cleaning staff will pay particular attention to sanitize all the objects that are often touched by Guests, such as the remote control, switches, door and window handles, as well as those of the closets, the telephone, the fridge, all the buttons of lights and elevators, etc…
During cleaning, the staff will use disposable cloths; the used linen will be changed and placed in a special plastic bag, will be closed and then washed at a temperature of 70°.
Disposal of potentially infected material such as masks, gloves and disposable cloths will be done in a container with a lid, or everything will be answered in a closed bag and put in the undifferentiated trash.

In the restaurant and breakfast room: the restaurant will be open for lunch and dinner only for guests staying in the facility and with compulsory reservation. Breakfast and meals can be taken in the restaurant or in the room provided that the choice is communicated at the time of room reservation. In the restaurant department our staff will take the body temperature and if higher than 37, 5° will be denied access. At the entrance of the restaurant will be made available the special hand sanitizers, of obligatory use.
In the room will be provided the mandatory interpersonal space of at least one meter between people, who will have to consume meals at single tables, except for families. We remind you that, in compliance with the regulations, the breakfast buffet is no longer available but only the table service.

Drinks at the counter will be allowed at a distance of one meter, but it is recommended to use the appropriate table.
Customers must wear the mask every time they leave their table and the staff must always wear the mask and wash their hands. At the end of the service, all surfaces will be sanitized with alcohol, as well as plasticized menus, salt shakers and cruets.
The tablecloth will be disposed of and sanitized as for the rooms.

In case a Guest should feel sick, please isolate himself in his room and call the doctor promptly; at the same time, it is necessary to understand if the person in question has come into contact with someone else inside and outside the hotel.

For info and reservations: Phone 0131 517171, Email info@hotelalliduebuoirossi.com

We will continue to ensure that hygiene and cleanliness are the top priority of our activities.